Current Work

Exploring texture and pattern with Sue Stone – an online textile art course from

Class 1.1 The Potential of Running Stitch- Spacing Variations


A. Perle Cotton #8 white, moderated running stitch 3 lg stitch row, 1 sm stitch row

B. 12-ply silk, Navy – brick format

C. 100% tapestry wool, natural colour, variagated columns

D. Indigo-dyed cotton ‘yarn’, variagated colour, spotted effect


Class 1.2 The Potential of Running Stitch – Mixing in the needle


A. 3-strands of silk in two tones of blue. Spacing began with a tight brick format and loosened as the sample progressed

B. Perle Cotton # 8 in complimentary colours, royal blue & gold. ‘Traveling’ columns for spacing

C. Handspun wool, natural colours, 3-strand silk royal blue. Bulky columns that take on a pebble like appearance.

D. Vertical/Horizontal 1-strand 100% wool, yellow and 3-strand royal blue silk. Straight stitch around circle of negative space.


Class 1.3 -New Directions


1.4 Layering Stitches


2.1 Exploring the Backstitch


2.2 Drawing with Backstitch


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